Help And Support

“Help!” It’s the word-usually in the form of a text link, navigation tab, icon, or widget-that directs you to customer service content.

It should send you on a quick and satisfying search for answers. Yet often you wind up down a black hole of unhelpfulness, clicking from one article or resource to the next in the hopes of uncovering a solution, but ending with only further frustrations.

How many times have you given up after a futile search for support that promises help but delivers confusion? Cue an angry email (or three) to your customer service rep.

Support content-created to aid and educate current customers, clients, or users-is easy to overlook as part of a successful customer retention strategy. However, it’s one of the most important marketing channels for engaging and maintaining your audience.

Marketing Drives the Customer Experience-Even Outside Marketing

Let’s take a step back to look at the big picture. A report by IBM’s Institute for Business Value, based on interviews with over 2,000 CMOs, uncovered the evolving role of the chief marketing officer-beyond traditional marketing lanes. As one CMO reported, “The role of the CMO is evolving into ‘Chief Experience Officer.’ We need to own the client experience from beginning to end, across the organization.”

Closest to the needs of customers, CMOs need to apply their intuition and expertise to all phases of the customer experience and journey. The report discovered that more than 70 percent of CMOs feel their professional success comes from their ability to lead organizational growth and change. The alignment of marketing and customer service is part of this organizational evolution.

Customer retention is a huge source of revenue and savings for any organization when compared to the marketing investment needed to acquire new customers, and support content is necessary and influential in any customer retention strategy. Leveling up help resources and content can turn into a solid case for the power of content (and marketing in general) to drive business revenue.