Reports View

Report is a very important for an accouts department so get a more output by daily, monthly and yearly overview from this section. You will get tracking system that how to performance which section by individually

Step-01) Open the Reports Folder.

Step-02) Click to Client Ledger for view to Client's history by date wise


Step-03) Click to Vendor Ledger for view to Vendor's history by date wise

Step-04) Click to Profit Lose Report for view to Profit/Lose by date wise

Step-05) Click to Client Discount Report for view to discount by date wise

Step-06) Click to Sales Report for view to Sales by date wise

Step-07) Click to Sales Report (Item & Salesman) for view to Sale to according to item and Salesman by date wise

Step-08) Click to Accounts Report for view to Accounts Summary by date wise

Step-09) Click to Expense Report for view to Expense Summary by date wise

Step-10) Click to Date Wise Expense Report for view to Expense Summary by Daily

Step-11) Click to Employee Expense Report for view to Expense Summary by Employee

Step-12) Click to Client Refund Report for view to Client 's Refund Summary by date wise

Step-13) Click to Vendor Refund Report for view to Vendor's Refund Summary by date wise

Step-14) Click to Staff Collection for view to Due and Payment Collection Summary by date wise

Step-15) Click to Daily Summary  for view to Daily Accounts Summary

Step-16) Click to Invoice Report for view to Invoice Summary

Step-17) Click to General Ledger for view to General Ledger

Step-18) Click to Trial Balance for view to Trial Balance